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Activation with a difference.

If you have been struggling with expressing yourself fully in your work, relationships and in those spaces in between; If you have shut yourself down to conform or to tighten up into safety rather than expansion; If you are feeling lethargic, depressed or in a mess because you are struggling to find the meaning of your life's path - I can help shift that around - 

This place is for the singers, healers, life by design creators who are committed to a path of personal freedom and dharmic service. And yes that's YOU! 


Vocalist. Sound Healer. Catalyst.

Meet Yin Ling.

I'm humbled and excited you have landed here - and whether or not I have met you in person, I'm glad we are connecting. 

It is said we are all walking each other home, and when I'm not sharing sound healing, workshops or performing - I hold retreats, trainings and private coaching for those wishing to reconnect to their inner nature, find their voice, start their sound healing journey and find personal empowerment.

From the nation-state of Singapore, based in Ubud Bali, I also share my sound at the leading sound healing venue Pyramids of Chi. 


Sound Journeys 

Soaring sound journeys threaded by Yin Ling's shamanic improvised vocals, driven by intentional instrumental soundscape created by live drums, chimes, singing bowls, rattles, flutes and more on a dynamic, moving and transcendent journey into the heart of the earth. 

Recalibrate brainwave states and nervous systems through the power of sound. 

Uncover human cellular memory and deep mystery. 

Vocal Activation

Unleash the singing and speaking voice that goes far beyond traditional voice coaching. 

Uncover natural and primal techniques for rediscovering the joy of making sound, deconditioning patterns of restriction, and rediscovering the unfolding creative, intuitive and meditative process of improvised sound. 

Bring vibrational healing power of your own voice back into your toolbox in this world. 

Sound Alchemy Facilitators Training 

Weave into the intricacies of creating sound journies and healing containers with a grounded foundation. 

Learn not only how to play and weave healing instruments, activate the raw nature of your voice, understand the bio-physical-energetic impact of your creation - but also learn supportive tools for client-integration, meditation and much more. 

Gather the solid and dynamic yet intuitive magic of using sound for transformative facilitation. 

  •  Private 1-1 Retreats 
  •  Signature Retreats 


"Yin Ling truly has a voice of an angel. Her sound meditation reached me on so many different levels and took me to a place of sheer gratitude and deep connection with myself it was incredibly healing. There is something really majestic and familiar about her sound that allows you to soar."  

Stephanie Dickson, Founder, Green is the New Black Conscious Festival Asia

"Sound healing with Yin Ling was so powerful that the tensions I felt in my mind and heart were completely gone after the session. Nothing short of magical!"  

Helena Wasserman, Forbes 30 Under 30, Former CMO Big Data for Humans  

“Yin Ling is such a blessing to this lineage and I am honoured to sit in circle and help guide her to her empowerment. On our last Sonic Alchemy training she sang my soul into a place of receptivity and cleared so much debris from my heart. As a Sonic Alchemist she is unbelievable! When her and I co-create together it is pure magic!”  

Amma Sophia Rose, International Medicine Woman & Sonic Alchemist, Founder of  

"Working with Yin Ling is amazing. The energy, the gentleness, purity and determination that she brings to your space is so powerful and kind. With her voice, this very special divine singing - she transforms all pain and trauma into love and changes in your life comes. As a healer, coach and as a person, I love her so much."  

Katya EV, Russia/France Fine Artist  

"My experience with Yin was LIFE CHANGING. I had been working on a blockage in my throat chakra for quite some time. Yin was able to help me ignite my fire within, find my inner strength and confidently sing my soul song. Her ability to lead the group based on her intuition was impeccable. Yin’s one on one healing was also a very powerful experience, her gentle, yet powerful skills enabled me to make the final shifts I needed to proceed confidently using my voice. Thank you so much 🙏💫 I am truly grateful."  

Leanne Akira Soccio, Melbourne

"Yin Ling, We have felt a deeper connection after our session thank you 🙏 You have helped us come into fearless mode.  

Just want to let you know how important your work is. "  

G, Sweden/Singapore, FinTech Founder  

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